Learn more about how MMBA helps minority owned businesses.

Why Mississippi Minority Business Alliance, Inc.?

Economic prosperity for all is part of the American Dream. In business, this dream becomes reality when all businesses have access to the opportunity to compete fairly and equally in the marketplace.

Mississippi Minority Business Alliance, Inc., MMBA, opens the doors of economic opportunities through various programs and services aimed at bringing together mutually rewarding partnerships.

Corporations are introduced to an often untapped source of capable, qualified suppliers to compete for a fair share of available business – “a WIN-WIN- situation”.

MMBA serves two groups: minority suppliers and corporate entities.
- Minority suppliers constitute those businesses which are at least 51% owned, operated and managed on a daily basis by verifiable ethnic minority owners.
- Corporate members include major corporations, educational institutions, financial institutions and federal, state and local government agencies.

MMBA supports its mission and the goal of creating economically rewarding partnerships through the various member benefits. Membership is open to all minority businesses and major corporations.